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Scuba Diving Beach Resort is a destination packages website for divers and lovers of white sand and beach front hotel accommodations. This website provides comprehensive information on different beach hotels and resort destinations around the world. It is also created to provide information such as advises, tips, products and services for scuba divers, couples, travelers and general tourists who wish to have fun and adventure, family getaway, group vacation or even company outing and team building venues.

Scuba Diving Beach Resort is also an affiliate website of Eagle Point Resort , the famous beach resort in Anilao Batangas Philippines and also known to be one of the best diving resort destination. Another two immediate affiliate websites are Anilao Diving Resort  and Your Deal is Here which also offers regular promos and packages for this site.


Eagle Point Resort is the Leading Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Leisure & Family Beach Resort and Hotel in Anilao Batangas, Philippines. It is strategically situated in the middle of a network of 30 Anilao dive spots, bursting with underwater life and blessed with clear visibility. Scuba Diving in the Philippines is possible throughout the year particularly in Anilao Batangas. Just two hours driving distance from Manila airport, you will find an amazing kaleidoscope of creatures in pristine water of Anilao diving sites.

Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Anilao has the famous Batangas beach front at the Sepoc Beach Center for company outing destination packages and team building venue. The Beach Center is known to be a Batangas beach in Anilao that is also a sanctuary of endangered species like sea turtles, where in several times in a year, laying and hatching eggs take place.

This Anilao beach resort in Batangas area is part of the Verde Island Passage, one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world. Our protected reef in front of Eagle Point Resort  was founded by a U.K. marine biologist team several years ago to have 287 species of corals, compared to only 50 species in the Caribbean, and 250 species in the world – famous Tubbataha Reefs in the Sulu Seas, in the south of the Philippines.