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Discover Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort

Written by Paw on . Posted in Newsletter

Come with your family at Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Dive Resort which provide best and affordable hotel accommodation with exclusive veranda with sea side view that captures the ocean. We guarantee your family will have lots of activities in a leisurely place as we find it of out-most important thing to commit while […]

Batangas Beach Resorts : Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity and Productivity While Traveling -used

Written by Paw on . Posted in Blogs, Corporate

Batangas beach resorts  are known for company outing and team building venue and Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas is one of the most affordable destination for these corporate events. Posted by Caerley Hill If you’re planning on traveling for Thanksgiving, you might want to allot some extra time to make it to your destination before the […]

Batangas Beach Resorts : Famous Weekend Getaway in Anilao Batangas Beach Resorts

Written by Paw on . Posted in Beach Front, Beach Resort, Blogs

Anilao Batangas Beach Resorts has numerous scuba dive tourist spots that travelers can choose for their weekend getaway. This rural area has been a very popular destination among tourists who want to spend their family vacation or just want to scuba dive in a place where they can truly enjoy their stay. The numerous beach resorts along the extensive coastlines […]