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Batangas Beach Resorts : Dive Health, Eating Right to Fuel Your Diving

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Batangas beach resorts are offering scuba diving certification courses and Eagle Point Resort in Batangas is one of the best choice of local and international scuba divers. By guest blogger Gretchen M. Ashton Eating from a healthy bowl helps give divers energy to fuel diving activity without going overboard on calories. Satisfying your post-dive hunger […]


Batangas Beach Resorts: Learn to Record Your Underwater Memories

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Weekend getaway experience in resorts in Batangas. Yes! Indeed, The Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort offers a great deal of scuba diving packages for your overnight stay. Experience the night snorkeling with your scuba gear and see how those little creatures act underwater. Resurfacing and saying goodbye to the wonders underwater for another day is always a […]


5 interesting facts about corals

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Looking for the best scuba diving venue this season? Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort has approximately 30 dive spots around the area. This best Batangas beach resort offers scuba diving packages for our scuba diving weekend getaway! As a scuba diver, you’ve probably seen corals countless times on your different dive trips. The question is, how much do […]