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Batangas Beach Resorts : Build a Boat, Promoting Effective Communication in the Workplace

Written by Paw on . Posted in Blogs, Corporate

Batangas beach resorts are known for company outing and team building venue and Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas is one of the most affordable destination for these corporate events. By: Cody Pratt When you picture a construction site, you see a team of workers that are contributing to a common goal. If you’re looking […]


Boat Diving: What You Should Know that You Didn’t Learn in Scuba Class

Written by Paw on . Posted in Blogs

Anilao Diving Resort, your scuba dive  and beach resort in Batangas Philippines. Scuba diving packages are available with affordable hotel accommodation for your weekend getaway. For scuba diving trip in Anilao, you should try boat diving. What is boat diving? Learn more about this subject thru this post we are sharing… Much, maybe even most […]